Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A problem I keep getting...

Please Note:  Everything described here is very similar to what's being described in this forum.

Minor complaints…..

I’ve been using a Kindle Fire since Christmas, and I’ve got to say I’ve been extremely impressed with the device.

I must, however, complain about one small problem that has popped up for me about five times since I’ve started using it.

The specific problem I’ve had is hard to describe, so I’ll try my best to brief relate what I’ve seen.  To describe the basic problem, I’d say this.

There are times, when the device is NOT connected via wi-fi, that a couple of things happen.

1.     I’ve frequently gotten video (television programs specifically) downloaded onto memory on the device to not play while not connected to the internet.
2.     I’ve frequently gotten the device into a state where apps downloaded onto the device will not play (they will either crash or boot me out with an “internal error” message) while not connected to the internet

Every time I’ve gotten this to happen (about five times now) a reboot of the Kindle Fire did NOT work in resolving the issue.  It persisted for a couple days, then, like a summer storm, it passed and everything returned to normal.

To illustrate the problem, let me describe what happened to me when I recently used the device in the Istanbul airport.  I have no idea if what happened to me in the Istanbul airport caused the particular problem, but I was struck by how an unusual event with my beloved Kindle Fire resulted in the reproduction of the symptoms described above.

I’ll put my repro steps for what happened to me in Istanbul below….

Repro Steps:

1.     Took out my Kindle Fire in the Istanbul airport – hit the button to wake it out of standby mode
2.     Went to the wi-fi section of the Kindle Fire
3.     Attempted to connect to this wi-fi service in the airport
4.     The Kindle Fire Silk popup could not render
5.     After failing to load the wi-fi login page, apps on the Kindle Fire began to stop working
6.     Don’t know if this matters or not, but when I tried to reopen in the Silk Browser, I was given a bad certificate error message for the website

Don’t know if this makes much sense or not, but I’ll attempt to sum up briefly.  I used my Kindle Fire almost daily from Christmas 2011 to June 2012.

In the majority of that time, the Kindle Fire was never connected to the internet.  On about 5 occasions, the Kindle Fire got into a state where media (video and apps) stopped working.

Rebooting the Kindle Fire did NOT resolve the problem.  The problem always seemed to resolve itself after a few days.

I took some screenshots of what I saw, as soon as it happened in Istanbul.

Above is an image of a pop-up message I got on my Kindle Fire, after I attempted to visit a wi-fi service in the Istanbul airport.  The address for the wi-fi service is

After attempting to connect to on my Kindle Fire, the Kindle displayed this Log In screen, no text ever appeared.

I went back, and attempted to visit via the Amazon Silk browser.  Was given this bad certificate message for

After failed attempts to visit, it sure seemed as if apps stopped working.  Here's a screen shot of the app Cube Runner, which now refuses to work on my Kindle Fire.

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